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Friday, September 2, 2016

Behind The Scenes - Wicked Abandon

In the spirit of Labor Day, the fruits of one's work is meant to be celebrated during this holiday weekend. How   that we can take a sneak peek at one of Bilowz Associates Inc.'s landscape design projects, 'Wicked Abandon' featured in the upcoming Design New England (Sept/Oct. 16 issue.)

Now the 'behind the scenes' look of how this all came about.

 From design to 3D

to execution in the ground.

 Just like our design work, we strive for unique! We invite you to contact Bilowz Associates, Inc., or to browse our portfolios. Like our Facebook follow on Twitter ,  follow with visuals on Pinterest and find us on LinkedIn and Houzz, too.  You can also find us on our Google+ Business Page. (Landscape architects/Landscape Design/serving Massachusetts, New England and beyond.)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Action 2016

Bilowz Associates Inc. recognized by Ocean Home Magazine as one of the top 50 landscape architects 2016
Bilowz Associates Inc. was recently acknowledged by Ocean Home Magazine as one of the top 50 Landscape Architects in the U.S. and the Caribbean for 2016. Land on our News Page and click on this latest news. We are honored to be recognized among the best of the best in the country as well as the Caribbean. Please preview our portfolio and contact our landscape design team for putting your spring action into motion in 2016. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spring’s Pre-Season Game Plan

Spring's Pre-Season Game Plan
March tends to be that in-between month for garden lovers. We cross our fingers that the worst is behind us but there’s always that possibility of a winter storm.  Need a perfect remedy to make it till March 20th, the first day of spring? Here's a pre-season game plan for this Saturday, March 5th for Greg's workshop at Tower Hill Botanical Garden. 

Come learn from a great design coach, Greg Bilowz.

 Plus, GREEN is the lifestyle we promote.

Kick off starts at 10 AM for this upcoming Landscape Design & Construction Fundamentals workshop. The class wraps up at noon. It's only two hours plus a great opportunity for those ready to embark or are in the throes of a landscape project. Learn the basics from a great design coach. Here’s the link where you can register but do it soon. 

To complete your pre-season spring game plan, especially if listening to the violin in a beautiful setting sounds like the end to a perfect Saturday afternoon, Sarah Atwood, an emerging musician from NE Conservatory will be in concert that same day at 3 PM (free with admission but tickets are on a first come, first serve basis the day of the concert. *(Perfect timing. Pick them up at the reception desk when the class wraps up at noon.)  
Right across from the reception desk, you can make your reservation for a bite to eat in Twig’s CafĂ©. 

It’s the perfect spot to take in the Wachusett reservoir plus its back-drop mountain-view.  To walk off those delicious calories, fit in a tour of the grounds and gardens. There is nothing quite as magical as this exquisite botanical masterpiece itching to come into spring bloom.  

We invite you to contact Bilowz Associates, Inc., to browse our portfolios. Find us on Facebook,  Twitter,  visit our blog, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Houzz, too.  You can also find us on our Google+ Business Page. (Landscape architects – Creating Design with Harmony & Balance - serving Massachusetts and New England.)

Friday, February 12, 2016

A Heart-Shaped Collage

Two more days until Valentine's Day!
Yes, it may be an overrated holidday that circles around love but rather than circle around for the perfect way to say and show it...
Sniff out your best options and then...
Keep it simple because the magic of love and Valentine's Day is to be just what it's all about.  
And the best parts of love and kindness shouldn't fall between the cracks.
And it shouldn't make you dog tired trying to be something you are not.

Love is the message of Valentine's Day and it's the best reason to share a heart-shaped collage.  

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