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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday’s with Annie – 10 06 09

True or False - Record-size pumpkins are a cross between Blue Hubbard Squash and pumpkin.
True – Some of the biggest pumpkins on record are a cross between large pumpkin varieties and large blue hubbard squash varieties. The size of some of these monster pumpkins – obscene!

True or False - The Agave plant produces many forms of wine.
False – The blue agave plant, native to Mexico produces the smoothest tequila on the planet. There are many species of agave throughout the arid climates of the world. A quick fact from Wikipedia referencing a 2006 Boston Globe article written by Carolyn Johnson - it is rare for one kept as a houseplant to flower; nevertheless, a fifty year old blue agave in Boston has grown a 10 m (30 ft) stalk requiring a hole in the greenhouse roof and flowered sometime during the summer of 2006. Check out the agave photo in the article. (

True or False - Mycologists test the pH levels in native plant materials.
False – A mycologist actually studies mushrooms and other fungi.

True or False - Geraniums are annuals.
Trick question – Geraniums are both annuals and perennials. Although the standard annuals used in window boxes and planters are pretty, there is an endless list of hardy perennial geraniums. Some of them are spectacular; requiring minimal maintenance in your garden. Geranium ‘Rozanne’ for example, blooms all season long, even past frost.

True or False - Nard grass is said to repel mosquitoes, insects and cats.
True – Nard grass is another name for the citronella plant. The oils are said to repel cats as well as mosquitoes and insects. I still get bitten regardless how much citronella is burning.

Double-header inspirational gardening quote of the day for all those amateur mycologists: “All mushrooms are edible – ONCE” and finally, the quote by Bill Balance; “Falling in love is like eating mushrooms, you never know if it's the real thing until it's too late.”

Photo of fungi growing in Puna, Hawaii.
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