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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tips for the Wilted

This hot weather is making me wilt so imagine what it does to your newly planted vegetables. The root systems of these tender plants are not yet established so you may see some drooping despite your desperate attempts to stay on top of watering. And water we must if we want to see good results. Although this may seem repetitive or logical, it is always best to give the plants a drink in the daybreak of morning before the heat turns up a notch. It’s equivalent to that first cup of coffee when your feet hit the floor. But just like you, the coffee doesn’t quite do it in terms of giving you that boost of long-lived energy. When it is this warm, many plants, especially the tender, young material just installed may start to droop. It’s not just a matter of moisture. Plants, especially the newbies, respond to extreme heat. Ride it through. Check moisture and if the soil is moist, allow the plants to run its course. Even if you are tempted, hold off on the fertilizer until things cool off a bit. You want your plants to get established first. Rapid growth is not always a good thing during stressful weather conditions. Again, think of the coffee. One cup isn’t bad but five is not great. If a little is good, a lot is not necessarily better. Later in the season, when the plants are established, then you can give it that extra boost of fert. To end today’s warm weather tip, the inspirational quote for the day is by Albert Einstein. “Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” For any of our active duty military, here is something for the entire family this summer. Thank You!

FREE Admission to Active Duty Military
(Worcester Art Museum and 329 other Museums)
Tuesday, June 1 - Sunday, September 5
Active duty military personnel and their families will receive free museum admission to Worcester Art Museum. You must present an active military identification card to receive free admission. WAM is one of 330 museums from 45 states nationwide to participate in the Blue Star Museum program that offers free admission to active personnel and up to five family members.

Worcester Art Museum 55 Salisbury Street Worcester MA 01609

Image of wilted tomato seedlings from the Internet
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