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Thursday, October 21, 2010

What’s Filling Your Fruit Bowl Lately?

As a kid, fresh fruit or what appeared to be fresh fruit was always important to have on display. Remember those plastic apples, bananas and grapes? It was like a ‘Leave it to Beaver’ stage prop for the winter months. Fruits from the Southern Hemisphere were not as prevalent in those ‘Happy Days.’

If you haven’t harvested a bushel or a peck of locally grown apples this fall, what’s stopping you? To convince you that it isn’t over yet, the foliage on the Maple trees is also quite nice. There are still some vibrant moments worth capturing with your camera and the family. Many U-pick orchards are soon to be wrapping up the apple picking season. Some of your favorite varieties may no longer be available on the trees but can still be purchased from cold storage. The latter part of October is the best time to grab utility apples perfect for baking, drying, sauce or butter. I spotted a sign yesterday at one of the orchards in Berlin. Forty pounds of utility apples for $20.00 – what a bargain.

So don’t miss out on the end of the season sales for tasty apples. Call ahead to your favorite farm or you may find a roadside stand while you venture to the AppleFest-CelticFest at Wachusett Mountain October 23rd & 24th. You could discover lots of your favorite fall items in one place. Check out the agenda and hope to see you milling around. Ooops. It’s not Saturday yet but if you get your AppleFest-Celtic Fest tickets in advance, you save a couple bucks.

So what’s filling your fruit bowl lately? A beautifully displayed bowl of fruit exudes abundance and health. I’ll have to check the consignment stores or my mother’s attic to see if that plastic fruit is still kicking around. Yikes. I think they still sell it. There is endless shelf life with no blemishes or bruises on that stuff. And yes, it is shiny and tasteless.

Today’s inspirational quote touches upon that plastic fruit dilemma. Elspeth Huxley understood the paradox of great tasting fruit versus eye appeal. "You cannot sell a blemished apple in the supermarket, but you can sell a tasteless one provided it is shiny, smooth, even, uniform and bright." So dust off your fruit bowl and fill it with locally grown!

Image of plastic fruit from the Internet

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