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Friday, February 11, 2011

Romancing the Gardener

With the weather a balmy 1 degree Fahrenheit (-17.22222222222222 Celsius) this morning, who can think gardens? There is one bright spot on this brrralmy day. It truly feels like daylight is staying with us a tad longer. Does it make it easier to stick your toes out the door? No way, no how but there is something to be said about that natural light making its stay a bit longer these days.

With this upcoming romantic weekend on the horizon, here are a few local ideas for romancing the gardener. This Saturday’s event at the Arnold Arboretum is for those outdoor types. Interested in checking out the dwarf conifer and juniper collections on snowshoes? Sounds like a blast so if you can brave the cold and you like to shuffle through the trails, click on this link to find out all the details.
There is also an Arnold Arboretum event on Sunday for the “Multifaceted Edible Landscape.” This is a perfect time to start thinking about mixing your edibles with ornamentals. Don’t wait until the spring melt. Romanticize about it now and get some great ideas to boot.

Popping that special question this weekend? You can always check out one of the local wineries mentioned in yesterday’s blog. Sample an artisan cheese with some great regional plunk. Pop the cork and enjoy the moment. A warm fire with a few flowers always helps.

So do the real KISS -keep it simple silly. Forgo the pricey dinners and make your pre-Valentines Day a local garden jaunt. As Emma Goldman reminds us, “I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” That’s the true way to romance the gardener!

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