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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is it Already?

It’s official. Harvest time, the first day of September is here. With that comes the garden list as the autumn clock strikes ‘Now’ and the race begins. So here’s the quick rundown to help you get to the finish line:

  • Perennials should already be divided and transplanted. If not, squeeze that in this weekend. You need to give these plants enough time to root in before the season shuts down.
  • Next on the list, if you didn’t heed to the fert and dirt blog a couple of weeks ago, fertilize all your perennials.
  • Don’t miss this window to spruce up the all-important greenery. Seed the lawn – ‘tis the season. It’s also time to aerate and thatch. At this time of year, correcting any blemishes or damage to your lawn means a healthier blanket of green next spring, thus reducing its water requirements. I’ll be preaching this one till I’m green in the face.
  • Looking for new oomph in your landscape? The Evergreens and deciduous shrubs wish list should be tagged and ready for fall delivery and planting. All Evergreens should be planted no later than mid-October while any deciduous stock can be planted prior to the ground freezing. (Sorry, the thought of frozen ground makes me shiver just thinking about it.)
  • Finally, for those who suffered storm damage from Irene or any other unsavory summer weather occurrences, remove all damaged tree limbs. If you bring in someone to assist with tree removal or debris clean-up, find a reputable, insured outfit. It’s not necessary for them to be big; just covered plus honest. Lots of squirmy worms come out of the woodwork when disaster strikes so take a deep breath and hire the right person/outfit.
And while many in the Northeast still struggle with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, there is one thread of hope. “Always look at what you have left, not at what you have lost.” An important piece of advice, especially when surviving adverse conditions, from a power thought list I keep by my desk.

Talking about weather, this long weekend appears a bit dodgy but it should be a great opportunity to labor in the garden. So before you can say or think ‘Harvest Season’, here’s the short list of September garden chores. You can always check the past blog postings where technical and inspirational tips cover many, if not all of these subjects. Just use the blog’s search button. Let me know if you need help finding something or if there’s a particular topic you’d like covered. Tomorrow may be recipe day unless I hear otherwise.  

So that’s the wrap on September chores. Cynthia Wickham ends today’s post with a fitting quote. “September, the harvest month… Summer is over and autumn has arrived.” Someone had to break the news about summer being over. Just think candy apples and cider, fall leaves and crisp air. It’s harvest time! P.S. Don’t forget to visit your local farmers. One of the toughest jobs on earth!

Image of Harvest Season from the Internet

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