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Monday, April 7, 2014

A break in the posts

There's been a break in the April blog post flow - literally and it may be that way for a bit. This morning's post is not about design or garden related tips but a special thank you for a group of folks that too often are overlooked - the Sterling PD, the Sterling fire and rescue and our local dog officer. Thank you for the assistance on my mishap last Thursday. Never once did I doubt that you could haul me out safely as we (me & the dogs) patiently waited for your help. Thank you from my two border collies, too - they so appreciated the extra kindness and special treatment as I was rushed to the hospital. 

No, you never expect on a beautiful spring Thursday as you walk with your dogs, negotiating a steep hill with ice you might fall a mile and a 1/2 out, unable to move or get up. You never expect to end up in surgery and a corner room at the hospital for four days. 

But what can be expected is the reliable service of those that serve - thank you to the Sterling Police (Officer Johnson who located me first and offered his coat and gloves to keep me warm) and dispatch for staying on the line and listening to my coordinates to help find us in the woods while we waited for the Sterling Fire dept. to do what they do every day - stabilize and rescue. All of this being done when they were in a precarious situation of hurting themselves, too. And one big, extra thanks to our animal control officer that went above and beyond to bring my dogs home rather than to the town kennel. It's little things like this that can make all the difference. 

That can be the benefit of living in a small, rural New England town. Often times, metro folks don't even know where Sterling is. But we are lucky to call Sterling our home because of small but important times like this. And to every nurse, aide, doctor, surgeon at Health Alliance, many thanks to getting me back here - home. Yeah! And doing it all with such gentle and considerate care. And I can't forget Verizon wireless because if it wasn't for their signal, well, enough said. 

I'm just glad for the little things in life too often overlooked including the first blossom in the garden.  Greg caught the image so I could share it with all of you today. 

Image by Greg Bilowz (First blossom in the garden today)

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