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Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Celebrations

April is the month to celebrate world landscape architecture.

The month of April celebrates world landscape architecture. And at the crux of the design world is sustainability. Can you guess one of the most critical factors? It's water and we talk about it a lot. It leads me to this Associated Press article talking about the California drought. While those of us in the Northeast may be struggling to remember a warm, sunny day, let alone green grass, we shouldn't suffer from amnesia. Practicing sustainability and water is at the crux of it all.

So here’s a quick and easy #ThrowbackThursday green grass tip that everyone can take part in, not just landscape architects and those in the green industry. Just an FYI – there are many other sustainable design and landscape tips to be found in our posts.So here's just one.

“It’s important to improve your soil and make conscious efforts to reduce your chemical and water usage. When seeding or reseeding any lawn area, use the newest varieties of drought, disease, insect-resistant fescues and rye grasses. This alone can reduce your water consumption. These varieties require a 1/3 less water and fertilizer.”Just click on some past April posts to find this tip and more.

So why celebrate landscape architecture? Because the same practices applicable to design folks - the thinking process, the practice and what this field of study advocates can be a trickle-down effect.  It’s a simple green tip that everyone can take part in as the grass appears from beneath the snow.

Image from the American Society of Landscape Architects.
Bilowz Associates Inc. is a member of the ASLA and our local chapter, BSLA.

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