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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stuck on Tea

It’s about that time when a heads-up for fertilizing your lawns, pruning your ornamentals or penning a quick design tip for your spring pathways should be found within these blog pages but I’m still stuck on tea!  As I sip on my coffee, (I’m not a morning tea drinker) I find myself back on the subject of tea. 

Many of us are too familiar with the taste of the standard, supermarket quality tea bags, which are basically mass produced and taste like leftover churnings from the lawnmower. But loose tea found only in a quality shop is truly a heavenly experience, even for a snobbish coffee drinker.

To keep this brief and to the point, find a moment to ‘Indulge Yourself’ at the Cozy Tea Cart in Brookline, NH. Tucked away at the end of a neighborhood subdivision, Danielle Beaudette has a quaint tea room attached to her home. This lady is the real McCoy. Knowledgeable and trained in the subject, Danielle personally sources the teas found in her shop from throughout the world. She engages her customer with tips, tastings and offers plenty of gift ideas for the tea lover. If that’s not enough, she’ll explain the history, the intricacies and the process to creating the world’s best teas.

So get stuck on tea for an afternoon. When you open up the little jars to do a sample sniff test, you’ll think where am I? Check out her website for hours, directions, and the many tea events she offers throughout the course of the year. Pick from the local author's evening accompanied with tea tastings, to lectures or an all-day June garden gathering that offers a hint of British tea time with scones and a Japanese tea ceremony at noon.

It’s hard to find impeccable service, knowledge and great product all wrapped up in one location but Danielle does this hands-down. Every package or tin comes with a personalized label instructing you on the brew’s perfect temperature. When you leave the shop, she guarantees you get the best flavors from your purchase.

For me, the thoughts of tea exude comfort and downtime. This unknown author describes this tea sentiment best. ”Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.”  But to lighten it up a bit, you can look at tea from the eyes of Nancy Reagan. “A woman is like a tea bag, you can not tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. “ Happy gardening. Annie (And if the ground isn’t too soggy in your neck of the woods, don’t forget to sow your peas!)

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