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Friday, January 13, 2012

More Dazzle in the Berry

On this Friday the 13th, (just in case you’re superstitious) is it kosher to start talking about what’s coming down the pike in the plant world? Oh, did I mention that it’s not available until 2013? We’ve barely started this year so why jump that far ahead? Well, it just so happens there’s been some dazzle written lately about a new collection of raspberry and blueberry ornamentals that claim ‘to change the way the plant world will think about berry bushes.’ The zone/hardiness of this collection according to Fall Creek's website should stand the test of our New England winters depending on your NE location. Here’s what the trusted folks from Ball Publishing are saying about this collection.

 “Last September Green Profit ran a story on the new line of ornamental shrubs from Fall Creek Nursery called BrazelBerries. It’s a collection of compact, patio container-appropriate bushes that just happen to produce some outstanding fruit. We had a first look at them at MANTS. This one is Peach Sorbet—a lovely ornamental in its own right ...but it also produces a load of tasty blueberries.
Also in the collection is thornless dwarf (2-3 ft.) Raspberry Shortcake and a super-compact (1-2 ft.) blueberry called Jelly Bean. Fall Creek’s message to retailers for when these varieties will be available in 2013 is this: DO NOT stick these in the back with the typical berry bushes! These are truly ornamentals that just happen to have the added perk of bearing fruit. More varieties are coming down the pike. Stay tuned.” 

On that stay tuned note and considering it is Friday the 13th, we’ll end today’s post with some classic words by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock. “There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.” Translation - don't over think those superstitious thoughts but what's the harm in anticipating this new berry collection bang before it hits the garden centers in 2013.

Image and additional information from Fall Creek website

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Amy Daniel said...

Thank you Ann for your wonderful blog post about BrazelBerries! We love these plants so much and know that home gardeners will too.

These are beautiful, ornamental landscape plants that produce delicious berries every summer. They are perfect for patio containers and the landscape. The photo in your blog post is of one of the first varieties being launched - Peach Sorbet. It's a compact blueberry with stunning year-round color that goes from peach/pink/orange/emerald foliage in the spring to deep eggplant in the winter. The colors are beautiful.

BrazelBerries will be available to home gardeners begining in 2013 and 2014 in limited numbers at your local indepedent garden center. Sign up on our website ( and we'll keep you posted on launch dates, new varieties and any BrazelBerries news.

Thanks again Ann. Happy Gardening!

Unknown said...

Thanks Amy for the Fall Creek update. Looking forward to trying BrazelBerries in our own garden.

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