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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Seeds of Kindness

day 13 of 26 days of kindness
Gertrude Jekyll, a famous English garden designer and artist once said that “The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.” Jekyll created some of the most outstanding color and textural compositions in her art and garden designs. Though her vision was impaired, her philosophy was ‘you should be able to strain your eyes and see the forms, masses and drifts of color and texture.’ Her lack of consideration to fads of the day and ‘going against the grain’ is what makes her still remembered today.

On this 13th day of 26 days of kindness, we remember and honor Emilie Parker. The archived garden image to honor Emilie is the ‘Red Flash’ Caladium. This plant’s tropical red leaves edged beautifully with green give a hint of Christmas color on this overcast December 1st day though an artist might notice the raindrops cupped within the foliage.

Like Jekyll, Emilie was creative and artistic. She was always writing down her ideas for projects and loved going to the craft store for new supplies. She also loved to dress up and read stories with her sisters. And like Jekyll, we should always remember Emilie for the things she loved so much in life so ‘a seed once sown never dies.’

Plant your seeds of kindness on this 13th day of 26 days of kindness. Sow them wherever you may be on this December 1st. Kindness, like a garden, can always find a place to sow a seed.

Here are the links for the event and FB page to share your seeds of kindness. 
Image by Ann Bilowz © ‘Red Flash’ Caladium

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