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Friday, February 21, 2014

What to Follow

There’s a #hashtag that swirls around in the Twitter world on Friday. It’s called #FF (FollowFriday) and it’s meant to tell your followers about tweets they might like. Some of my blog readers aren’t Twitter users and I must admit, it’s not my forte, either. However, I do jump into the fray of it when I can. So rather than do a bunch of #FF (FollowFriday) and retweet twitter names only, here are my Friday choices below with some backup on why to follow them, too.

First and foremost, it starts with our weather. Of course, that’s local but for Friday’s tweets, I prefer @fox25News  forecast– “Rainy Friday to give way to beautiful weekend.” If you follow @ToddWBZ, he looks too far ahead. He gives us the bummer factor when he shares what might come next Wednesday. Say it ain't so, Todd. Please, no more snow!

Despite that New Englanders have experienced a harsh, cold winter, as mentioned in yesterday’s post, the #California #Drought is just as hard on one's garden psyche. Here’s an article retweeted by @Food_Tank regarding the California Organic Dairy Farmers hit by this weather cycle.

Need to see a positive side to this situation? @RussBishopPhoto displays an amazing #California#sunset image. Who doesn’t need beautiful photography to help them envision the moment, especially one like this?

But let’s shift to garden shows, which can be a saving grace as we finish these last weeks of winter. Share your favorites happening in your neck of the woods. My choice today is based on this Friday's weather, which reminds me of London. Check out @The_RHS tweeting about the RHS London Plant and Design Show. Gazing at their many shared images might be enough plant and design porn to make you feel like you’re really at the show. And if nothing else convinces you that you landed in London, today’s drizzle and snizzle might cinch the deal.

Okay, so we need something tangible, something to hold in our own hands while we wait for the first spring flowers to pop. Call me old-school but I still appreciate a hard-copy of a colorful garden book. Here’s what looks to be a great one that could balance out your garden collection. And if you have a garden, every gardener must have a reliable reference library. Although I’ve not been able to take a sneak peek at 'Plants with Benefits,’ author @HelenYoest makes it appealing with her post today.  It’s a dinner made on Valentine’s eve, created by one of her readers and inspired by ‘Plants with Benefits’. Consider following her or buying the book. Yoest gives plenty of reasons to energize even the sleepy gardener that it’s time to start digging in the soil come spring.

Speaking of books, if you missed this Tuesday’s post, here’s another great keeper for the garden reference library. You can check out @gardenerd1 for her latest tweets, too. Okay, one more - if you want to take a minute to smell the Roses, @RedneckRosarian is worthy of sniffing out to make your Friday bearable. Plus, you can learn a lot about Roses along the way.

There are so many more to mention but these are the ones fresh in mind. That’s it in a #FF nutshell from @annbilowz. Let’s hope you didn’t get hashtagged # out. Now lace up your boots and venture outdoors. Yes, get out there. Begin to explore. There is much to plan before we launch this wonderful season of spring.

It may be in the plans to tend a tiny flower bed or an urban container garden. Maybe you plant some shrubs or an ornamental tree. You may visit a local farmer and buy their goods. You may consider plunging in head first and producing some of your own. You might use these last few weeks of winter to stroll through your local park or if inspired enough, consider creating your own park-like setting in the now blah backyard.

Want the basics for understanding landscape architecture and all great design? It starts with creating and enjoying what you love. It’s not all the flash and the latest trends. Though some of this guides us with what to expect and what we can and can’t do ourselves. And remember, even with social media tools, we should #FF follow what we love.

Before I shove off, this is for those that appreciate the #DailyQuote. Found in Twitterville, it's worth repeating today. It's the words of Henry Ford. “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.”

Our goal - to keep you excited for that first day of #Spring. It’s coming soon. Follow your calendar. There aren’t many days of winter left so be ready with your plans to make it your best yet. And when and if we hit a few more obstacles from old man winter, keep your eyes on the goal. #Spring is just around the corner.

© Image by Greg Bilowz

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