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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Single Rose that Lit My Garden

At this time of year, you have to search for beauty in your garden. Under little pockets of leaves or flopped masses of foliage, you can often discover colorful moments. I must admit, there are certain plants I love because of low maintenance. Roses don’t typically fall into that category. Lots of insects and diseases love roses. With such fierce competition from nature, roses are often one of those plants you say, “Never mind.” But we always make room for exceptions.

We position roses as accent pieces; individually planted and strategically located within our borders. Each rose in our garden is chosen for exceptional color and impact. If the rose is taken out by some pest or disease, it doesn’t tend to offset the composition. Another more reliable plant can easily replace the rose. The rule of thumb when planting any delicate, sensitive, marginally hardy or susceptible plant; use only one specimen and position it strategically for impact.

This year when we were buzzing around Russell’s Garden Center, the Rose ‘Light My Fire’ by Jackson & Perkins™ stood out amongst a myriad of container roses. With over 150 various selections to choose from, this rose’s brilliant color and dark foliage caught my attention. It went in the cart despite any cultural questions. It was love at first sight.

You have to search for this floribunda rose. Don’t look in the big box stores. And if you happen to see it, grab it. This winter, look online and order bare root stock or make sure you get into the nurseries early in the season. Another favorite Jackson & Perkins™ floribunda Rose difficult to locate in the garden centers is ‘Hot Cocoa’. This rich-colored rose is hard to describe. If you see it, don’t pass it over. Its unique ruby-red blossom with deep purple to chocolate hues is absolutely stunning. Go directly to the Jackson and Perkins website for oodles of information at

The Rose ‘Light My Fire’ has not disappointed me. Just last week during fall clean-up, a single rose lit my garden. No pests, no Japanese beetles munching its leaves, just enough light and dew to make the moment special. To quote one of my favorite inspirational speakers, Leo F. Buscaglia, “A single rose can be my garden...a single friend, my world.” Leo was one of those passionate Italians that loved everything in life and made everything worth loving. Have a great Wednesday - find something in your garden that lights up your day. Annie

P.S. Photo of 'Light My Fire' - By Greg Bilowz

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