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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesdays with Annie 12 15 09

So many things to do on your holiday list and so little time to find the answers from yesterday’s brain teasers. So it’s right to the point. And to keep in theme with one of our questions, the inspirational quote of the day is by the infamous late-night host, Johnny Carson. “The worst gift is a fruitcake. There is only one fruitcake in the entire world, and people keep sending it to each other.” Some of us rather like the gooey, chewy cakes but you may get a chuckle out of the poll below. Have a great Tuesday. Annie

1.) The American colonists used ale as a popular additive to eggnog.
False. The American colonists used rum as an additive to their ‘nog because of its availability, whereas the Brits were famous for adding ale to their creamy dairy drink. If anyone dares to try it, send the taste results.

2.) Fruit cake originated in Eastern Europe.
False. It originated in ancient Egypt. Here are some interesting facts about fruitcake. When a research firm polled some 1,000 adults about what they did with fruitcake:
• 38% said they gave it away,
• 28% actually ate it,
• 13% used it as a doorstop,
• 9% scattered it for the birds,
• 4% threw it out,
• and 8% couldn’t remember.
* Russell Baker, The ‘New York Times’.

3.) Poinsettias are a poisonous plant.
You judge for yourself. Check out this December 10th press release from Earth Times.,1085047.shtml If a lot of leaves are ingested, you may suffer a bit more than a mild stomach upset or irritated skin but the fatal toxicity of this plant seems to be unsubstantiated. It is still worth keeping it away from small children, pets and rowdy guests. Unattended alcoholic drinks, especially eggnog with ale could pose more of a toxic danger than the lovely poinsettia sitting on the coffee table.

4.) The ‘natural Christmas tree’ the Pōhutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa) blooms in Canada at Christmas time.
False. This flowering tree blossoms in New Zealand at Christmas time and is part of the Myrtle family.

5) Traditionally, the Christmas tree was always decorated on Christmas Eve and taken down the night of January 6th.
True. Traditionally, to have a tree in your home before or after those dates was said to bring bad luck. Happy tree decorating - I’m willing to give it a go!

Above photo of the Natural Christmas Tree - Pōhutukawa *From the Internet
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