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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Lettuce Banditos

Did you ever go out the door with two different socks, or shoes, or your shirt inside out? I seem to do it all the time and in most cases, it doesn’t really phase me. But for some people who are extremely sensory defensive, this would send them into orbit. So let’s flip this thought inside out and tell me what’s bothering you in your garden.

What bugs me every year is the deluge of slugs that multiply by the bucket-load. There is nothing worse than those gooey masses of ‘creepy crawlers’ in the lettuce leafs. Explain that one to a guest! The warm, humid weather keeps these slimy buggers coming in droves and they are ruining our heads of beautifully grown greens. I’ve scattered swimming pools of beer throughout the garden, which only works for one sunny day. I must admit, though there is great pleasure in watching one dissipate in a bath of cheap lager from last year’s barbeque. So what to do about slugs? I know about Sluggo and the products that claim to take care of these yuck critters but they just like our rich, moist soil. So unfortunately, we may always have these buggers renting space in our garden. So what’s bothering you in your garden? I would like to hear your comments! Today’s inspirational quote is by an unknown amphibian. “Frogs have it easy; they can eat what bugs them.” Hope you’ll share your gardening woes.

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