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Monday, September 15, 2014

Falling for the Landscape

What draws you into a beautiful home? A well-thought out design inside and out. 

Making your landscape stylish and welcoming is a selling feature for your home.
What draws you into a beautiful home, especially when you haven’t seen its interior, its inner structure and bones? It's a Monday morning, fall wake-up call for anyone putting a home on the market. There's a lot of planning involved in successfully selling a home.

What's first on your agenda? The landscape should reflect the wonderful features waiting to be discovered inside the home. Your potential buyer might envision certain rooms before entering but it’s the architectural lines and the well-designed landscape that define a home's welcome. And while beautiful, pristine locations can be an easy sell, this recent article from Ball Publishing’s newsletter Buzz spells out why it is that perception, that first impression of what you see on the outside first, that setting, the landscape that can often sell your home.
If you live in New England, fall is an optimum time to market your home. Think foliage, pumpkins and apple pie as helpful selling features but if certain outdoor curb appeal is lacking, there could be lots of potential buyers taking that infamous U-turn before one even sets foot inside your home.

Take a few tips from this Ball Publishing article – fall for the landscape and then the home. And one big P.S. - never underestimate the value of a well-thought out landscape lighting plan. Light is a welcoming element and it should not get the axe or cheapened out when lighting your home. 

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