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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#InTheMoment –Tuesday’s Landscape Focal Point

A garden focal point for the late summer, early fall -
© Image of a Franklinia Alatamaha blossom (Franklin Tree) by Ann Bilowz

When looking for focal points in your landscape, we often turn to a specimen tree. So here’s the Tuesday’s #InTheMoment landscape focal point. Named after Benjamin Franklin, the Franklinia Alatamaha, commonly known as the Franklin tree is not a typical choice for many landscape plantings. Yet with so many wonderful features and attributes, including its blossom alone, it’s deserving of the spotlight today. 

This Fletcher Steele favorite blooms in late summer, early fall; the perfect filler when much of your flowering landscape might appear tired. But this is more than fill and fluff. This specimen tree also becomes the focal point of your garden with its amazing fall foliage. Coupled with its delicate late blooming flower,  is there more you could want in a garden focal point?   

As Benjamin Franklin once pointed out, “If everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking.” So when everyone’s landscape looks typical and similar, it’s time to think out of the landscape box. Think Franklin, late blossoms and amazing fall foliage. That’s it for your #InTheMoment – Tuesday’s Landscape Focal Point.  And if you missed yesterday’s post, ‘Fallingfor the Landscape’  there is plenty of incentive for an outdoor facelift this fall.

© Image of a Franklinia Alatamaha blossom (Franklin Tree) by Ann Bilowz
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