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Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Morning Brain Teasers 03 01 10

Our first day of March is mixed with snowflakes and of course, the Monday morning brain teasers. Today’s true or false format is a runner-up in Annie’s favorite fruit category – strawberries. In the Northeast, March through April is the time to start planting your bare root stock so let’s test your knowledge about this delightful early-blooming soft fruit.

California produces 80% of the country’s supply of strawberries. However, in that trip across country, the fruit loses some of its charm. Immediately after a strawberry is picked, the sugars start turning to starch, similar to corn. It loses a lot of its intense flavor. There is nothing like the taste of a freshly picked strawberry. Last year’s June strawberry season was a bit of a washout due to all the heavy spring rains. Let’s hope we have plenty of sunshine to pick lots of these sweet gems. What’s your favorite way to enjoy fresh strawberries?

1. Strawberries are in the same family as raspberries – the Rose family, Rosaceae.
2. Strawberries need full sun; at least 6 hours per day.
3. The uniqueness of a strawberry is its leaf.
4. Strawberries can have the winter protection of mulch (usually straw) removed in early spring.
5. The American Indians made the first version of strawberry shortcake.

Don’t forget that Nourse Farms is a great resource for your strawberry plants. In case you didn’t get their information in the raspberry brain teasers, here is a gentle reminder. You can find information online at or by contacting them at 413-665-2658. Today’s inspirational thought for the day is a cute riddle found on the internet; perfect for Monday morning. “When is a cucumber like a strawberry? When one is in a pickle and the other is in a jam.”

(Photo of strawberries from the Internet)
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Unknown said...

I thought you're brain teaser was cute I really got a chuckle out of it mary

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