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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Sweet Scent of Lilacs

One of the first flowers of childhood memory is the sweet blooming Lilac. Although we won’t be seeing the likes of its flower until late April to mid May, it is like opening night for our gardens. There is something about a lilac’s sweetness that fills the air, telling gardeners spring is truly here.

The Common Lilac, Syringa vulgaris, a species in the Olive family, Oleaceae is not native to North America although it is claimed as the state flower of New Hampshire. This shrub has longevity; a perfect choice for any garden. Its many cultivars range in colors: purple, burgundy, pink, blue, white and even yellow in standard and dwarf forms. There is certain to be a suitable choice for your garden, too many to pick a favorite. Most varieties are best used for borders or screen plantings as it grows in thicket form rather quickly and is a great habitat for bird and wildlife. An excellent cut flower, it offers sweet smelling blossoms for the garden or the house. You can check out the International Lilac Society as this shrub is a collector’s passion. There is even an upcoming convention in Shelburne, VT this May.

So when the snowflakes and winds of March dip your enthusiasm to lower levels, think of that childhood memory when lilacs filled the air and you knew that spring was truly here. And if you are looking for a family event to experience and celebrate the history and beauty of lilacs, be sure to visit the Arnold Arboretum on Sunday, May 9, 2010. The Arnold has one of the oldest and largest collections in the United States; worth a road trip even for my British readers. For more Lilac Sunday information, call the Arnold Arboretum at 617.524.1718 or check out this link -

To help us battle the last of the winter doldrums, the inspirational thought for the day is a one-liner from the internet. “Why do skeletons hate winter? Because the cold air goes right through them!” Have a great Wednesday. Annie

Image of Lilac from Internet
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